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1. Who We Are
MotorBlackBox is an Australian based company established in June 2011. Our vision is to cater for the clear needs of many everyday driver’s car security and safety concerns. We aim to support and provide only the world class “motor blackbox solutions” for your vehicle so that all clients of our products are satisfied with the simplest way of dealing with those ‘unforeseen’ and 'stunned' situations  that are often difficult to define.
MotorBlackBox is a brand of the Samyoung Trading Company.
ACN: 150 066 7783
ABN: 74 150 066 783
Office Address: Unit 18 / 19 Narabang Way, Belrose, NSW 2085
Tel : 1300 MY SYTC (69 7982)
FAX : 02 9144 4579
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2. What do we do?
MotorBlackBox is a distributor / wholesaler of all the major brands of premium car blackboxes in Australia including Blackvue, Cowon, FineVu and Urive. We also have a fleet/heavy vehicle dedicated range of blackboxes from Motor Guardiancam, the leading manufacturer & supplier with dashcams for trucks and fleets.
We are dedicated to providing support to our dealers with marketing, after sales and simply the best product range ever! So talk to us today about becoming a MotorBlackBox dealer (Read More).
3. What is Motor Blackbox?
Most people associate black boxes with airplanes but they are no longer just key tool in investigation of air plane accidents. The event data recorder(EDR) as the black box is officially called is slowly gaining an important role n investigation of car accidents as well. Despite the fact that some people have expressed concerns about privacy issues, Motor black boxes are not helpful for car accident investigators and insurance companies.
By recording the events and actions of the driver including speed, braking, turning, etc. seconds before the collision, the motor black box will undoubtedly help both the police and insurance companies in reconstruction of the events before the accident but it will also bring a number of benefits for the car’s owner. Civil groups that are concerned about these black boxes incriminating the driver are of course right but imagine that you were involved in an accident that was not caused by you on an isolated road without any witnesses present.
The event data recorders are already installed in cars although many people are unaware of having such device installed. The first one was installed already in 1996, while as much as 70% to 85% of new cars come with installed motor black boxes. These are not visible because they are under the seat or dashboard and activate about 5 seconds before the senses trigger activation of the air bags.
Motor black boxes were originally created to determine the cause of air bags' activation but they collect several data of the driver's actions including the speed which has made them very useful for reconstruction of accidents. In fact, the data recorded by car black boxes has been already used as an important evidence in the courts. A 19 year old man was convicted in the United Kingdom in 2006 on the base of data obtained from the motor black box which has shown that he was driving way too fast.But the speed is not everything that a motor black box records. The collected data varies greatly from one vehicle to another and the device may also record whether you have pressed the brake pedal, made any sudden left/right turns, whether you have fastened your seat belt, etc. As well as if there was any technical malfunction of the vehicle in the seconds before the accident. The black box typically records 5 to 10 seconds before the collision.
There is also another type of motor black boxes, also known as video data event recorder which are used by the drivers voluntarily. These are installed on the wind shield and feature a camera as well as a GPS unit and collects the performance data such as accelerating, braking and turning.The data is stored automatically to a secure digital(SD) card similar to those that are used in digital cameras and can be reviewed on a computer.This type of motor black boxes is even more accurate than those that are currently being installed in vehicles because it also records the time, location and direction of the driving as well as the driver's view which makes it very helpful for a number of hard-to-prove situations, for example when trying to prove that you drive through yellow not red lights.This type of motor black boxes is exactly what we have.

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